Haydarpasha Palace

Safe Holiday Guide

Dear Guests,
As a Haydarpasha Palace family, our main principle is the safety, health and happiness of our guests,
our valued employees and our nature for 35 years we have been operating in the tourism and
hospitality sector. We believe that we will overcome this difficult process caused by the coronavirus
( Covid – 19 ) epidemic that has affected the whole World as soon as possible by fighting it all
We are following closely the decisions taken by World Health Organization ( WHO ), TR Ministry of
Culture and Tourism, TR Ministry of Health and local authorities regarding the outbreak. Decisions
are evaluated in line with all the measures that should be applied with great care and that we apply
are presented in ISO 9001 - Quality Management System, ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management
System ISO 10002 guest satisfaction management system, disease management Procedure ( POSI )
with integration by providing application is performed in our facility.
At the same time, we inform our colleagues in the most important tasks to develop these important
steps and to implement them, we provide trainings and ensure the development our hygiene and
health system that we have established.
Our successful cooperation with Winterhalter and Diversey, one of the leading companies in the field
of international hygiene solutions, has been increased in this period and continues in the same way
as a solution partnership. In line with the measures taken in hygiene and cleaning; all public places,
units, rooms, food and beverage stations, all points of contact with hand cleanliness, hygiene and
disinfection protocols taken preventive measures against the outbreak by upgrading of the business,
the layout has been modified.
As the Haydarpasha Palace family, we miss you and look forward to welcoming you again.

Haydarpasha Palace Family,