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Haydarpasha Palace - 5 star hotel in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya Castle

The castle was built on the remnants of earlier Byzantine era and Roman era fortifications. After the area was pacified under the Ottoman Empire, the castle ceased to be purely defensive, and numerous villas were built inside the walls during the 19th century. Today the building is an open-air museum.

Damlataş Cave

was found in 1948 when it was opened for stone pit during construction of port. Cave is on the west coast of the historical Alanya Castle. There is a 50 m at entrance of the cave. You can come to a cylindrical space after the gateway with 15 meters . After here, you can walk into the bottom of cave. Name of Cave “Damlataş” comes from the stalactite which exists by water droplets. Except of its beauty, this cave is popular because of its atmosphere helping people who have asthma illness. These people who come by doctor’s control stays in the cave for 21 days as cure. Weather of the cave doesn’t change during seasons, temperature is 22 C0, damp is %95, constant pressure is 760mm. In the weather of cave there are %71 nitrogen, % 20,5 oxygen, 2,5/10.000 (two and half to ten thousands) CO2 and some radioactive ion.

It is the first cave which was opened to tourism in Turkey.

Alanya Sapadere Canyon

The guests are picked from the hotel in the morning. Travelling through Alanya-Gazipasa-Mersin-Demirtas route one arrives to the Sapadere village which is full of natural vegetation and has the most beautiful flora and fauna in the region. It is one untouched spot and has many virgin locations.

The Sapadere Canyon is 3km away from Sapadere village and is 360m long and 400m high. It is formed by wind, water and ice erosion. Wooden walkways are built up for the tourists to walk through the Canyon and have a glimpse of the beautiful rock formations. The water gushing through the rocks gives an overwhelming feeling. You can also see birds and animals of species you haven’t seen before.

The wooden pathway is 300m and at its end is the beautiful waterfall which is a must visit on a tour to Sapadere Canyon. You can click pictures and also swim in this water. The water is very refreshing and cool as even in summer its temperature hardly reaches 12 degrees. Typical Sapadere village lunch can be enjoyed in this tour. You can hand pick some fresh fruits in this journey too.

Alanya Sapadere Canyon lets you take a ride in the beautiful Taurus Mountains and not just see, but also experience the natural beauty it possesses. To escape and relieve yourself from the busy life, it is recommended to go on this Sapadere canyon tour and forget all the hassles of the city life for some time.


The oldest known history of the ruin, located 23 km east of Alanya, BC. Until the 7th century. The city has a settlement between the 7th century BC and the 13th century AD.


t is on the west side of the historical peninsula and on the seafront of the Damlatas Cave. It has blue flag. Backside of beach is on the seafront of peninsula. This natural beach that is covered by rocks, it is famous with the story of Egypt Queen Cleopatra and Roman Emperor Antoninus swam in here. Small cove that is known as Cleopatra that lies through the peninsula and existed with big stones. Its clarity is quality of this beach. When you swim underwater, you can see fishes and other natural beauties. You can go into the beach freely, but services on the beach has cost. 



Alanya museum was opened in 1967 and it is close to Damlataş beach. It is a two floor building whose first floor is used as archeological museum and second floor is used for management. Archeological Museum is one of the single-type projects in our country. 

In addition to Ethnographic artifacts from around Alanya and archeological artifacts, which were brought from Anatolian Civilizations Museum to present the chronology of Anatolia, local artifacts are also presented. There is a separate saloon for the statue of Hercules which is a symbol of Alanya Museum.